Welcome to the Global Institute for Music Research.

Research in the various areas related to music underwent great development during the past 50 years as has the profession of researcher within the arts.

Nowadays we have eliminated the concept of a researcher a scientist in a  lab coat. Now the new paradigms include the artist amongst the group of researchers within a university setting just as in prior times social sciences and qualitative models or the science of education and  action-research methods have been embraced.

This has resulted in the co-existence of musicians and musicologists, ethnomusicologists, music educators, health specialists (amongst other fields), all of whom share a big initiative for research and scientific production. 

There are currently numerous projects and research groups all over the world that are working in different research areas and providing large contributions to music history and sociocultural relations of artistic musical creation.

Typically, these groups are based on personal and professional relationships within the circle of institutions of higher learning and at research conferences and congresses. In the case of musicians these relationships are often formed during artistic productions. These should be studied as great research and creative projects.

The Global Institute for Music Research is a network created to bring together different existing research groups, to propose and present publications, collaborate with the administration of research events and above all else to bring researchers with similar interests together to produce quality scientific and artistic research.

Furthermore, the Global Institute for Music Research fosters the academic exchange and development of professionals who use seminaries and conferences to complete their research and is also a great aid to students completing post graduate studies.

The Global Institute for Music Research recognizes the different fields of research that occur within music, musicological and ethnomusicological research, music education research, Health and Music research and performative research of the arts. The Global Institute for Music Research values the role of Artist/Researcher as creator of the creative process that can be understood as falling within the field of Research in the Arts and the development of links between researchers.

This is a discussion forum for all researchers and artists with the aim of providing scientific knowledge about music.

Ph.D. Jordi Albert Gargallo