The Global Institute for Music Research is opening its application process for the inclusion of researchers within an international system.

Our institution is a large network of researchers involved in the different fields related to music. Through this network projects can be proposed, human and economic resources can be found, research groups can be formed, and scholarships sought for participating students amongst other things.

We are currently involved in more than 31 research projects with 86 researchers from different parts of the world. This includes universities, hospitals, high performance centers and musical associations.

Research in Performance Arts.

Research in Musicology and Ethnomusicology.

Research in Music Education.

Research in Health and Music.

If you want to participate in the project you can now apply to:

  • Participate in current research projects.
  • Propose and start research projects together with other institutions in the network.
  • Be a part of the collective to participate in events and congresses.

Researchers can be associated  with institutions of higher learning or be unaffiliated. In both cases research credentials will be required, this can be done through the examination of merits which you can presented during the process.

Application form