Director’s welcome

Welcome to the Global Institute for Music Research

Research in different fields related to music has developed greatly over the past 50 years. The same has occurred with the profession of the researcher within the arts.

Today, we have eliminated the old idea of the researcher in a white coat, and new paradigms include the artist within research groups in universities, just as at another historical moment, social sciences and qualitative models, or education sciences and action-research models were included. This has resulted in musicians, musicologists and ethnomusicologists, music educators, specialists in health (among many other fields) coexisting in higher education institutions, all with great initiative for research and scientific production.

Currently, there are numerous research projects and groups around the world. They work on different research lines, making great contributions to the knowledge of music history, music pedagogy in conservatories, sociocultural relations of artistic-musical creation, musicians’ health, music education in primary and secondary schools, etc.

These groups are usually linked through personal and professional relationships within their own institutions and in research congresses. In the case of musicians, these relationships are also generated during artistic productions, which can and should be studied as great research and creativity projects.

The Global Institute for Music Research is a network to gather different existing research groups and generate new ones, propose and promote publications, collaborate in the management of research events, and above all, connect researchers with similar interests to develop high-quality scientific and artistic research.

Likewise, the Global Institute for Music Research promotes academic exchange and the training of professionals who carry out research through seminars, conferences, and support for postgraduate students.

The Global Institute for Music Research recognizes different fields of research related to music, including musicological and ethnomusicological research, research in music education, research in health and music, research in performing arts, and research in music pedagogy.

The Global Institute for Music Research values the figure of the Artist/Researcher as a manager of a creative process that can be understood within the field of research in the arts, and develops collaborative links with other researchers.

This is a space for dialogue created for all researchers and artists with the aim of contributing scientific knowledge related to music.

Ph.D. Jordi Albert

Director of Global Institute for Music Research