Playground Music Journal


Playground Music Journal (PMJ)

We want to help students achieve high standards in scientific communication. We also think the best way to learn is through practice and constructive feedback. That is why we have launched a non-public journal called Playground Music Journal (PJM).

Introducing the Playground Music Journal, an invaluable platform specifically designed to nurture and encourage aspiring scholars in the early stages of their academic careers. While it may not be indexed, this journal serves a unique purpose, providing students with a safe and supportive environment to practice their scholarly writing skills. Through the widely used OJS submission system, students can familiarize themselves with the academic publishing process, gaining hands-on experience in preparing and submitting papers.

One of the distinguishing features of the Playground Music Journal is the invaluable feedback provided by our network of expert reviewers. Each submitted paper receives meticulous evaluation, enabling students to refine their writing skills and gain confidence in their academic pursuits. This empowering feedback loop offers a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Embrace the Playground Music Journal as a steppingstone towards honing your scholarly abilities and embarking on a successful academic journey. We believe that fostering a strong foundation early on will pave the way for future achievements in the world of music research.

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