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  • Embarkation: The Resiliency of Humanity Amid Covid-19 – A Testament to Collectiv

    Posted by José Valentino Ruiz on July 15, 2023 at 5:37 pm

    In the realm of contemporary classical music, a common mission of composers are to write works that stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity in the face of unprecedented adversity. “Embarkation,” the title track of an award-winning album composed by Bruno Miranda and Yours Truly, has resonated with audiences worldwide, capturing the essence of our shared experiences and emotions during the global Covid-19 pandemic. With a remarkable fusion of classical and contemporary elements, this composition paints a vivid musical landscape that reflects the journey we embarked upon together.

    From the opening chords, the composition envelops listeners in a rich tapestry of sounds, blending the expressive techniques of late Romanticism with the contemporary compositional flair reminiscent of Heitor Villa-Lobos. Rooted in the tonality of C minor, the introductory chords establish a foundation upon which the entire piece unfolds. It is within this musical framework that the composition explores the depth and complexity of human emotions and resilience.

    As the flute takes center stage, its melodic motifs interwoven with the piano’s harmonies, a powerful synergy emerges. The reliance on the pitch G, mirrored between the instruments, creates a sense of unity and purpose. Flourishes and arpeggios cascade, evoking both tension and release, leading listeners on an introspective journey that traverses peaks and valleys of emotions.

    With the return to C minor, a sense of familiarity and continuity is reestablished. The piano’s dominant harmonies provide a guiding force, shaping the musical narrative. In a brief transition, the composition takes on an evocative quality reminiscent of a Chopin Nocturne or a Liszt Etude, hinting at the interplay between darkness and light that we have encountered on our collective path.

    As the music progresses, the composition embraces a chaotic interlude, reminiscent of Rautavaara’s Piano Concerto No. 1. The piano’s influence spills over to the flute, intertwining their voices in a mesmerizing dance of arpeggios and scalar passages. In this turbulent section, the music mirrors the tumultuous times we faced, symbolizing the challenges and uncertainties that marked our journey.

    However, amidst the chaos, a ray of hope emerges. In a transcendent moment at measure 50, the tonality shifts triumphantly to A major, infusing the composition with a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration. Echoes of Chopin’s Polonaise Op. 53 resonate, as the music soars, propelled by the power of the human spirit. Yet, even in this newfound brightness, a hint of weight and gravity lingers, a reminder of the burdens we carry.

    Returning to the original key of C minor, the composition delves into a segment marked by darkness and melancholy. With dramatic fervor, the music builds towards a climactic return of the primary idea, evoking the haunting echoes of Schubert’s Piano Sonata No. 14. These final measures embody the resilience and acceptance born out of our collective struggles, signifying both the triumph over melancholy and the embracing of our shared experiences.

    The composition’s denouement ushers in a contemplative mood, punctuated by fleeting moments of gentle chaos. Yet, amidst the ebb and flow, the piano offers a final melodic interlude, tenderly guiding listeners towards a sense of peace and resolution. It is here that the composition draws to a close, leaving us with a serene and introspective atmosphere—a testament to the human capacity to overcome and accept.

    “Embarkation” aims to be more than a composition; it is an artistic embodiment of the resilience, strength, and interconnection that define our collective human experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through its masterful blend of classical and contemporary elements, it captures the myriad emotions and conditions we faced at a global level. Its melodies, harmonies, and evocative progressions invite us to reflect, to feel, and to acknowledge the power within ourselves to make a positive impact on our communities and the world.

    As we listen to “Embarkation: The Resiliency of Humanity Amid Covid-19,” we embark on a musical journey, reminding ourselves of the strength and interconnection that unites us as a global community. Let this composition serve as a testament to our collective spirit and inspire us to forge a brighter future together.


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